Nobody started a GoFundMe campaign to raise bail money for the murderer of Mollie Tibbetts.

Recently, on the Facebook page of conservative blogger, Ron Dwyer, a screen cap was of an alleged GoFundMe campaign was shared. This was apparently to raise bail for Mollie Tibbett’s killer who, out of respect for the deceased and her family, will remain nameless. This cap showed the mobile interface of the GFM site along with a banner that read “This campaign is trending!”, followed by his mugshot, name (big font) and the tell-tale status of your average GFM campaign. In this case, it indicated that $117,504 out of $5,000,000 had been raised by 1,856 people in 19 hours.

Now, personally, I think that if anyone posted this, it would spark not only outrage, but also some skepticism. However, having found out about it from a friend who loves to push pretty much any and every internet-spawned red-flag that targets one side as the bad guys…liberals and democrats….my skeptic radar was in overdrive.


First off, I’m not here to wage war. I’ve got friends and family who are conservative thinkers..they respect my beliefs, i respect theirs and in many cases, we see eye to eye on a lot of things. I honestly think that the majority of us here would be the same, but the warm blanket of anonymity that is the inter tubes gets in the way and turns some into Snappy, the wonder-biscuit. I digress. I just wanted to make it clear that i’m not here to bash on anyone’s ideology…….except the people who posted this “bullshit of the week” award winner.

The first giveaway is that there was no such GFM campaign. None. Didn’t exist. There WAS one for a billboard in Iowa, designed as a snarky commentary, which, at the time of this writing, had raised 90 out of 100k and people were already trying to spin things as if the original post was about the billboard fundraiser. But there’s a big difference between raising 90 out of 100k and 117k out of 500k. Call me kookie, but that’s hard to miss. Other’s, on the other hand, are trying to argue that it’s been taken down, which would be valid if it wasn’t for my second point.

The second giveaway for me: the simple discrepancies between the clusterfuck of a screen cap and what a GFM page looks like on my phone. Apples to apples comparison..…well, it’s like apples to kiwis, actually. Yeah, I get that different devices can render differently but it wasn’t happening like that here. As a front-end developer and designer for the webz, I get to comb through new client sites and identify when font usage is clean and when it’s like reading a ransom note.

Look at the fund-count and compare a real GFM page on mobile to this utter shite of an image. The fonts are different. In fact, there…like…totally reversed, Scoob! ZOIKS!

Illustration for article titled Nobody started a GoFundMe campaign to raise bail money for the murderer of Mollie Tibbetts. em/em

Yes, in fact…the real GFM has a bolder font for the amount raised and a regular-weighted font for the goal amount (this holds true on the desktop version of the website as well), whereas this Photoshop abortion, that makes kittens cry, has the goal number slightly bolder than the amount raised. Whoops!

Not to mention that the text doesn’t normally read that way. There is no “$## raised out of $######## to accomplish said goal” formatting.

Also…anyone else notice the odd white-out happening on that bar, indicating funds raised? It’s as if it’s been erased or something. Hmm. This photochop is awful, it’s embarrassing.

Illustration for article titled Nobody started a GoFundMe campaign to raise bail money for the murderer of Mollie Tibbetts. em/em

Also worth noting in the comparison photo, the heart and photo icons are missing in the capture. Why is that? Mmmmmaybe because it’s all a lie?


This is why people should always doubt screen caps. They’re easily manipulated as anyone can pay for a months worth of Photoshop CC and go to town.

Think about the shopped protestor sign from MO from back in 2014. I even cut a video where I walked through how easy it is to change a hand-written poster-board sign to something totally different just using the letters provided. Good clean fun.

I might have been more open to this ghastly idea if someone provided a link to it, but it didn’t happen. No links. Not until after it was mentioned did people start sharing the other GFM page mentioned earlier.

Just so we’re clear…nobody’s trying to raise bail money for the murderer-assclown in Iowa. And Mr Dwyer…maybe consider checking your sources first.

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